Vishwa Van


2.5 KM From SOU

Opening Time

9:00 AM To 6:00 PM

Close Day

Every Monday

Close Day

Every Monday


30 RS/- For Adults and 20 RS/- For Children (3 To 12 Years)


30 RS/- For Adults and 20 RS/- For Children (3 To 12 Years)

How To Reach

Internal Bus Facility

Cover Area

5 Acres


Related Information

Vishwa Van, which is located close to the Statue of Unity, is a 5-acre area. In the framework of all life forms on the planet, Vishwa Van represents the life-sustaining potion of trees. Vishwa Van is a Global Forest with stunning natural beauty. Vishwa Van (a Global Forest) has herbs, shrubs, and trees related to all seven continents, emphasizing the basic concept of ‘Unity in Biodiversity’ in a global environment. Vishwa Van is host to a wide collection of plants from throughout the world. The plants are designed to seem like the natural forest of a specific zone.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, visualized the collaboration of Kevadia on the theme of Unity in Diversity after observing the creation of the Statue of Unity in just 46 months, came up with the concept of Vishwa Van. The aim is to teach visitors about biogeography, which is the study of biodiversity and environmental distribution in geographical locations. The gravity anomalies effect, which is tried here, can definitely be associated with differences or parallels in plant diversity.


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Attractions of Unity Glow Garden

African-Louisiana Conference Area: The concept’s attractiveness rests in the combination of traditional African buildings with classic Louisiana styles. It’s a fusion of two continents’ aesthetic constructions.

Fiji House – Bure: A bamboo cottage is known as a bure in Fiji. Men’s residences (where circumcised males of the clan congregated, ate, and slept) were known as Bures.

Maloca House: The traditional residence of Brazil’s indigenous Marubo tribe served as inspiration for this building. A Maloca is a slightly longer home used by Rainforest native groups, particularly in Colombia and Brazil.

A souvenir shop has been established to allow visitors to take their experiences home with them. These businesses are run by native self-help groups, and they provide a source of income for them.


Popular Questions

How to reach a valley of flowers?

Visitors can easily go from one location to another because local autos and buses run every 10 to 15 minutes from there to any destination on SOU.

How to book a ticket?

No ticket requirement for visiting valley of flower. Entry to the Valley of Flowers is included in all Statue of Unity tickets.

What to see?

More than 300+ different flower species are grown in the garden and Visitors are surrounded by native plants, bushes, trees, bamboo, grasses, and much more, making them feel very close to nature.

Best Time To Visit?

Throughout the year 


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